Sometimes, innovation can free you. This time it does.
Thanks to the finest interior organization, the integrated power bank
and its special wireless charging system, the Marianne will become your mobile-hub.
Store your devices in perfect order, charge them directly from your bag, and recharge
the Marianne
itself just by laying it on its leather charging-pad. If this is not enough,
sync your mobile with it, and exploit Marianne’s SEM technology.

Our innovative office bag features the smartest technology to take care of the needs
and desires of the modern Femme d’Avant-garde.
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Functional Design
The interior architecture is elegantly minimal and every space fits perfectly
the scope of the structure. Which is carefully designed to accommodate
all the different needs of the modern and digital, Femmes d’Avant-garde.
Power Storage
Thanks to an integrated power bank, the Marianne
can store the energy you need to recharge all
your devices on the go.
Smart Link
The latest SEM technology allows the Marianne to pair with your smartphone,
generating a smart connection that will alert if one of the two gets
too far from you.
Wireless charging
The Marianne has a built-in induction battery
that can be recharged simply by placing the bag
on a matched charging pad.