Discover all the shades of the most Feminine office bag.
Bring your Own Fashion.
The Marianne lives at the pace of fashion and plays with its aesthetic to create a new space of expression. A tool for our very own path of life, that yet allows every women to express their love for style and elegance.
Own your needs.
Just by placing your bag on its special leather charging-pad, an induction battery will source all the energy you’ll need later on; to recharge all your devices.
Never compromise again.
The extreme attention to spaces, lights and proportions, reflects in both the interior’s architecture and the outlook’s traits. The power of colors joins the fierceness of leather to create the most Feminine Office Bag.
Handcrafted in Italy.
Feel the most careful attention to details, the top quality leather and the precious finish of an elegant piece, sued for the modern Femme d’Avant-garde.